A Foggy Night

In 2022, I made a New Year's Resolution to complete a game. Days before my deadline, I finally began work on this one. "A Foggy Night" is a retro-style, horror, top-down, arcade-style game where you play a wizard attempting to save a town from a horde of evil monsters. The art is mine and bad. The story is practically non-existent.

Nonetheless, I hope you enjoy it.

Download with this link

Movement is WASD. Shoot magical missiles with the left mouse click. Hold it for a stronger missile, as long as you are level 1 or higher (missiles can get stronger with most every level). Cinematic at beginning of game can be skipped by clicking anywhere.

How shall our wizard escape when surrounded by evil on all sides?

Our heroic wizard launches a spell at a group of monsters.

The wizard stoicly listens to the concerns of the worried townsfolk.

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